I am sum random guy a newbie wiki person. I stumbled onto this page and tought of an idea for a pokeuman story. Its going to be a horror kind of story about a kid turning into a random pokemon and stuff and is rescued and sent to the 13th pokeuman base.

How its ScaryEdit

Once hes sent there he was told a fire broke in the base killing 20 pokeumans. He finds a wege, weggie, wegge watev board from a person whos religion is death, he walks down a hall and a few bullies take the board and accidentaly BREAK it.

The HauntingEdit

Everyone has then been noticing strange things happening to the place, so everyone starts to say its the people who died in the fire wich was true. But the portal that opened from the wegge board, unnoticably something else came from that portal, something dark, something EVIL.

Still thinking on the idea so plz post a message on my wall if you would like to help soon. :D

Got the name for the story its going to be called "BASE 13". A message to all that the story idea is coming along well and will be in production soon. A.K.A the stuff I told u already will sound better in the story.

IMPORTANT: production stopped for s ummer vacation, baseball, friends, parents. Idea will be active again by 8-10-13.