Alby the Togekiss
Alby in his Togekiss form (Art made by OcarinaLin)

Appears in:

-Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale (Protagonist)

-Pokeumans: Wielder

-Back on Duty (Protagonist)




Colle Mistero (Italy; Latium)


PRT Elité

Alberto (A.K.A. Alby) is the protagonist of EonAlby's Pokeumans spinoff "Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale" and the oneshot "Back on duty".

Biography Edit

Alby is a shy, yet friendly 15 years old boy that lives with his friends and his sister Silvia (a Vulpix) in the PKU base of Colle Mistero, situated in Italy.

One of his favorite hobbies is battling. He loves battles and he would do anything in order to fight against a good opponent.

He dislikes bullies and math.

(I don't have enough time to finish this right now... ~Smbfun)

Roles Edit

Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale

[Insert role here]

Pokeumans: Wielder

[Insert role here]

Back on Duty

[Insert role here]

(I don't have enough time for this either... ~Smbfun)

Moveset Edit

  • Magical leaf (Replaced with Psychic in chapter 3 of Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale)
  • Ancient power (Replaced with Fly in chapter 3 of Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale)
  • Psychic
  • Fly
  • Protect
  • Metronome

Trivia Edit

  • The move that Alby gets while using Metronome depends on his emotions.

(Listen, I didn't read all the chapters of the first story and I still didn't read the oneshot, so I'm going to add all of this when I'm going to finish reading them, ok?! ;-; ~Smbfun)

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