Alby the Togekiss
Alby in his Togekiss form (Art made by OcarinaLin)

Appears in:

-Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale (Protagonist)

-Pokeumans: Wielder

-Back on Duty (Protagonist)




Colle Mistero (Italy; Latium)


PRT Elité

Alberto (A.K.A. Alby) is the protagonist of EonAlby's Pokeumans spinoff "Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale" and the oneshot "Back on duty".

Biography Edit

Alby is a shy, yet friendly 15 years old boy that lives with his friends and his sister Silvia (a Vulpix) in the PKU base of Colle Mistero, situated in Italy.

One of his favorite hobbies is battling. He loves battles and he would do anything in order to fight against a good opponent.

He dislikes bullies and math.

Roles Edit


Both Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale and Pokeumans: Wielder got suspended. No one knows when they're going to be continued.
Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale

Alby is the protagonist of this story. It was going to be about Alby's first days as a PRT Rookie. It got suspended after Chapter 5, where he started his first mission.

Pokeumans: Wielder

Alby is a minor character in this story. He helped Eric when he got attacked by a Pokextinctionist and helped him to get used to the base. After that he doesn't appear or get mentioned quite often.

Back on Duty

Alby is the protagonist of this oneshot.

This story takes place after Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale and before Pokeumans: Wielder.

Alby is back at his house, sleeping, when one of his colleagues goes to his home and taps at one of his bedroom's windows, waking him up. He opens the window and lets the colleague in. It says to Alby that he's needed and, after a couple of minutes of thinking, he decides to go back to his base.

Pokeumans Italia

Pokeumans Italia was a project that EonAlby had in mind, but it never became reality. No one knows what it was about nor if Alby was going to make an appearance in it. The only thing we know is that the four main characters were Eric (A Dewott), Lucy (A Buneary), Jake (A Froslass) and Marco (A Flareon). The only one who actually got used in a story is Eric, even though instead of a Dewott it became an Aegislash.

Moveset Edit

Former moves

  • Magical leaf (Replaced with Psychic in chapter 3 of Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale)
  • Ancient power (Replaced with Fly in chapter 3 of Pokeumans: The Togetic's Tale)

Current moveset

  • Psychic
  • Fly
  • Protect
  • Metronome

Trivia Edit

  • The move that Alby gets while using Metronome depends on his emotions.
  • Although rookies, trainees and 2nd class troops, as mentioned in the Pokeuman Rescue Troop page of this wiki, are not allowed to leave the base, nor to possess a humanazing device, his first mission requires him to get in a train undercover.