Alex The Mudkip








Mika, Tony, Lance, Marisa, and some others


The Keiyo Series

Debuts in

Chapter 1: First Day

Alex is a Mudkip that wears clothes and is known for being in the family that has over 15 members in it, all whom transform into a Pokémon.


In both forms, he wears blue sneakers with green pants and a lavender shirt.

In his former human form, he had tan skin with red hair.

How it beginsEdit

A day after the transformation happens, he notices an un-washable blue stain on his hand. This was Mudkip skin that was spreading to his body. He asks his parents but no luck.

The day on the transformation, this stain spread to his other hand and both turned into Mudkip paws. On the same day, his family disappears except for Mika and Tony. This scares Mika and she acts cowardly throughout the whole day. Later, he then loses the ability to stand on two feet and is forced to use his hands to help him stand. He also gains blue skin and Mudkip cheeks. The other two try as much to hide him from being seen from public, but as soon as he's caught by a cashier, the three are captured and are about to be executed by Pokextinction, but manages to slip out of the last second. After meeting with Lance and the other Pokéumans, Alex quickly transforms to a Mudkip fully. (With his clothes still on.)