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Amanda McPhee is a 13 year old girl (and main protagonist of the "Pokéumans Sparkler" story) who woke up to discover her little brother Jack turning into a Rattata and herself into a Pikachu.

She (along with her little brother) were then captured by Pokéxtinction and then subsequently rescued by Ex-Lower Mainland Base PRT member Jasper the Arcanine.

Unfortunately the rescue attempt was botched when Jack was briefly stunned due to an accidental electric discharge caused by Amanda getting scared and then knocked off Jasper's back by a tree branch.

When Jasper refused to go back for Jack she got angry, accidentally shocking Jasper with electricity, prompting Jasper to slam her into a tree causing her to black out.

She later came to at the Lower Mainland Pokéumans Base infirmary only to discover that Jasper's attack had caused her a severe back injury.

Despite this, she is determined to find her little brother Jack.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Amanda is roughly about the average size for most Pikachus. Due to her back injury she has to wear a custom made back brace to help her back heal, which also forces her to remain on all fours at all times which can make her seem smaller then she actually is at times.

Move SetEdit

Amanda's moveset is currently unknown, though it's most likely safe to assume that she knows at least one electric type move as she has accidently shocked people with electricity.

Role in storyEdit

Amanda is the main protagonist of Pokeumans Sparkler in which she is trying to find her little brother Jack.

Amanda also appears in the 1st chapter of Jack's Ordeal before she and Jack are separated. She is then referenced in later chapters.


Amanda can be a very friendly individual to people she knows and/or trusts, but she can be often at least somewhat suspicious of people she doesn't know. She has a bad habit of quickly forgetting people's names unless they are introduced to her directly. She can also be a bit slow on the uptake, and has been known to space out and act without thinking. However above all else she is very determined to find her little brother Jack above all else and is willing to do whatever it takes to do so, no matter what!