Andy "the PI" Xen is a 16-year old male Vulpix. He is a private investigator in the story "Consider the Following" (, by toastyquil. He enjoys food, crime solving, cute girls, and most of all, money. However, he dislikes criminal, drugs, alcohol, and anything that would cause him to have less money than he desires. Andy is the son of great warrior Lee and his wife, Avery Xen.

Andy knows Flamethrower, Safeguard, Payback, and Fire Spin. He lives in the old Greater Houston Underground, in his office in one of the darker hallways. He works alone, his only company being his moveset. However, he is shown to be in a possible relationship with one of Natalie the Growlithe, one of his clients. This may have begun when Natalie came to Andy on a case to help find her brothers killer. In return for closing the case, Natalie payed for a dinner-for-two between them.