The protagonist of the Pokéuman story, Blake's Legend.


Blake Gail was born around 1996. His parents found him, as a baby, on a country-side road. They took him to the nearest hospital in an attempt to find his real parents. Since there were no records of him or his family, the couple took him in as their own child and gave him their last name, Gail. Blake never found out about his history when he was an infant.

Around the time that he reached the age of two, Blake developed a serious eye condition that caused him to go blind. He learned morse code and did the things that most blind children did. His parents also described things to him and he tried envisioning these things by himself. He never truly could...

One day, when he was fifteen, he started to have strange dreams. The next morning, when he woke up, he could see and he weilded a sword. He looked around and could identify things and events that he never found out about. And that is where his legend begins...

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