• FixMaker

    Silence Has Fallen

    September 8, 2014 by FixMaker

    We REALLY need to step up our game here, the site's kind of a mess. A tonne of articles that require (some even asking for) deletion are just hanging around, some articles has barely any effort put into them, Wiki formality has gone down the drain in favour of dA style writing, and some pages are just blatant story promotion rather than informative pieces for the curious ones who are here in the first place. We should do something to encourage people on the group to get to work here too.

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  • SorrowPea

    Welcome to the Wiki!

    First of all, We would like to add pages in an order. First we will do Primary Characters, Then Secondary, Then Bases and places and finally chapters. Please, don't comment on pages unless it is truly necessary (You should probably make a Forum topic if there is a problem). Our Current Admins are Brandon, Cameron, Eric and Josh. Finally The Character Template (For those of you who don't know) is:

    Physical Description
    Move Set
    Role in story
    Personality Trivia

    Please understand, I would like to make a tidy wiki! Thanks for listening! SorrowPea 14:44, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

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