The main protagonist of the Pokéumans series, as well as its creator. He is a 15-year old Lucario who joined the Pokéumans. He currently resides in Room #448 with his roomates Starr the Lucario and Mike the Ditto.

Brandon Chan
Brandon Energy Channelling
Brandon the Lucario, recovering from a near KO using his Energy Channelling ability.


Original Series, Messenger, Austin's Story, Sakato's Mission, V2

First Appearance

Pokeumans Chapter 1




March 5th


Long Island Base


He is a 5'6 foot tall Lucario. He is a powerful Pokéuman, his ability is Steadfast, and he currently knows the attacks Psychic, Rock Slide, Iron Tail and Aura Sphere. Brandon has a special ability called "Energy Channelling." People with this ability are referred to as "Energy Channellers." He has the ability the absorb the energy around him to further his powers. This sometimes can be used to restore his health. However, his Energy Channelling interferes with his Aura Sphere, which causes it to explode when it is used. He is currently the only Energy Channeller in the Long Island Base.


Brandon's cheerful, has a Type-B personality and is an overall good person. Lucario is his favorite Pokémon and he is glad to be one. He is usually a shy person and can sometimes doubt his abilites. Even so, he has proven he is a powerful opponent, having defeated strong enemies with the help of his Energy Channelling powers. He also has ADD, which helps his battle reflexes and his impulses.

Role In StoriesEdit

He is the main protagonist of the original series. He is the star of every chapter, which is told in his own perspective.

Known MovesEdit

  • Psychic
  • Rock Slide
  • Iron Tail
  • Aura Sphere

Former MovesEdit

  •   Metal Claw (forgotten in Chapter 5, replaced by Rock Slide)
  •   Force Palm (forgotten in Chapter 10.5, replaced by Psychic)

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