Brandon guaman the lucario by brandonnexus-da7ntuj

Brandon, in both his human and Lucario form.

Brandon is a 13 year old Lucario and the main character in the story 'The Lucario'. He currently lives in the New York City Base (Also known as the Times Square Base) in room #500 with Kevin the Totodile and Jerry the Meowth.


Biography Edit

Brandon Guaman was born in Queens, New York on August 19th 2000. His early years were uneventful; but he excelled in school and received many awards for his writing. He was also very social, but only 2 friends, Eugene and Dave, became close confidants. 

It wasn't really hard to tell Eugene and Dave apart as Eugene was socially awkward and picked on by his classmates, while Dave was wealthy but placed in public school as a punishment by his parents due to his years of bullying. Their friendship lasted up to their entry to Bolt Middle School where Brandon and Dave ended up in the same class, while Eugene was assigned to a different one.

In the year 2013, Brandon began to grow black fur on his hands at school until his arms transformed into those of a Lucario. He was caught by a PKE agent despite his resistance and shut inside a base located close to his own house. There he would gain his phobia of hospitals and injections. He, along with many prisoners, were eventually rescued by the PRT Commander, Evan the Arcanine, and a hired mercenary, Kevin the Totodile.

Brandon was separated from the group, though he managed to make his escape with the aid of a Pichu he had saved from a crumbling room. However, the Pichu dies via a laser shot to the back in their escape down a manhole.

He was then taken into the New York City Pokeuman base where he met up with Doctor Quinn and the headmaster, Aaron the Torterra. Despite being roommates with Kevin, he could never get along with him due to differing ideals. Brandon longs to make a name for himself and be restored to his human form.
The lucario chapter 3 cover drawing by brandonnexus-dae1ufb

Brandon makes his daring escape.

Physical Description Edit

In his human form, Brandon is 5’7, skinny, pale skinned, and freckled on his neck. He wears a blue and black jacket that is always kept in an immaculate condition, due to it being one of the only articles of clothing he managed to take from his human home. His eyes are a dark brown and his black hair is always untidy despite attempts to comb it and he wears a pair of green, squared glasses that are always dirty due to suffering from Myopia.

Personality Edit

Hi i m kevin the lucario chapter 2 title picture by brandonnexus-da7vl6n

Brandon was not always that kind...

After his transformation into a Lucario, Brandon evolved into a pessimistic and cynical lone wolf. He blames Mew for much of the disasters in his life as well as ruining his life goals due to being partially responsible for his transformation into a Lucario. He is often compared to a much more famous Lucario, Brandon Chan of Long Island, thus inviting unwarranted envy and hatred from others.

Despite his rough exterior, he has a kind heart and is loyal to those who respect him. His personality changes drastically when in a good mood, becoming caring and confident.

Move Set Edit

  • Bone Rush
  • Aura Sphere
  • Extreme Speed
  • Calm Mind

Trivia Edit

  • Brandon Guaman's name is the same as his creator’s.
  • Brandon, the creator, claims that “60% of Brandon Guaman's personality is similar to his creator” and that “the main thing that isn't the same is his rude personality.”
  • Brandon Guaman is aware of the existence of Brandon Chan and is irritated by comparison between them. He is often called 'Chan' by his classmates.
    The lucario chapter 1 title picture by brandonnexus-da78uf1

    Brandon starts his transformation.

  • Brandon, both the author and the character, is a lefty.
  • Brandon adores the singer Lana del Rey and hopes to meet her someday.
  • Brandon was actually meant to be a secondary character in "The Lucario" as the brother of the protagonist. The author claims the original main character was to be a Greninja.
  • Original storyboards have Brandon escaping from the PKE agent in Chapter 1 and living in the deserted streets of Queens for a few days before being captured by other PKE agents.

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