Brett is the main character of the Spinoff story, 'A Light Umbreon's Journey'. He is a bipedal 16 year old Umbreon who currently lives in New Detroit, one of the first city-themed bases in the Pokeumans group. Unlike most other Umbreons, Brett's rings are a bright red, instead of the usual Yellow.

Physical DescriptionEdit

As a Pokeuman, Brett is a bipedal Umbreon with blue eyes. He is 5ft 8 in, high, taller than most other Umbreon, and wears a red scarf around his neck. During his first battle, an accident with another pokeuman caused Brett's rings to turn a bloody red hue. Despite this, Brett is just like any other Umbreon, also able to move around on all fours as well as standing upright. Brett has almost immediately grown used to his body, which gives him a good advantage during battle, even if he still hasn't grown used to his moves.  Ever since the transformation, Brett's body has changed more physically. He is now able to do more aerobatic stunts and has increased body strength and speed.

Personality Edit

Most of the time, he is kind, and will help anyone out when they need it. However, during a battle, Brett is bold, and that can get him in trouble sometimes. He can have quite a temper and get sarcastic too. He doesn't like take much crap from anybody, and will always stand up for his friends. Brett is stubborn as hell, and won't stop training until he becomes on the top.

Move SetEdit

Brett's current Move Set (as of Chapter 3)

Psychic- Brett's eyes glow a deep indigo and anything he wishes to use Psychic on will levitate or bend at his will.

Shadow Ball- A dark orb forms in Brett's paws and then he fires them at his opponent(s), leaving behind a black mist in its wake.

Iron Tail- Brett's normally fluffy tail glows silver and becomes steel hard. He then uses any acrobatic technique to slam his tail on his enemies.

Night Daze- Normally a move for Zoroark, but he obtained the move through an accident. Brett raises his claws that draw black and red aura around them. Then he slams them on the ground, an object, or the enemy itself, and the dark explosion ignites.

Role in StoriesEdit

Brett is the main character in his spinoff story. Once he participated in the monthly New Detroit tournament for the first time, he becomes determined to become more powerful, and make a name for himself. 


  • Brett may soon be part of a relationship, but it is unconfirmed.