Cameron Stevens is the main protagonist of the Pokéumans story Room 181.
Cameron Stevens the Ampharos

Physical DescriptionEdit

Cameron, or Cam as he is usually known to his friends, is a fourteen-year-old Ampharos. He says his new body, in terms of height and weight, is "pretty similar to what I was like before, so the transformation wasn't that bad physically". However, he has previously stated that he misses his fingers.


Cam has an easygoing personality and enjoys having fun. He likes to meet new people and always tries to help those in trouble. He enjoys verbal sparring as much as, if not more so, than physical conflict and always seems to have a wisecrack or comeback on hand, which sometimes annoys his friends, and especially his personal rival, Alex the Golduck. Unfortunately this is probably part of why he sometimes frustrates people and makes enemies easily, including getting on the wrong side of the Board of Dream Messengers. His friends have often described him as 'a scatterbrain, but that's why you love him'. When he sets his mind to do something he often doesn't care how many rules he has to break to do it, especially when it comes to what he calls "bad guys in all their forms". He says that one of the few things that annoys him is when people mistake him for Cameron Taylor, the base's messenger. He has been described as the driving force behind the group of his roommates. Currently, he stays in Room 181 of the Long Island base with Kieran (Kadabra), Jess (Togetic), and Danny (Aron).

Known MovesEdit

  • Thunderpunch 
  • Thunder 
  • Strength
  • Iron Tail

Combo MovesEdit

  • Iron Tail + Thunder = Lightning Rod
  • Strength + Thunder + Iron Tail = Storm Smasher

Role in StoriesEdit

Cam is the main protagonist of the Room 181 series, as well as taking one of the major roles in the Body Swap collab.