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Cecil Moss (Bayleef and Human forms)

Cecil Moss is the 17 year-old star of the spinoff story C-Sealed in Another Body. He lives in Room 133 of the Burgeon Base, along with his roommates Archie Reed the Ekans and Faith Churchill the Flaaffy


Cecil is a 4'01" Bayleef. As a human, he stood 5'11". He has no unusual powers or markings, however his eyes maintained the same green color as when he was a human, and he still wears the necklace he always wore as a human. The necklace contains an odd, crystal shaped stone he found as a child.


Cecil was a bit of a nerd back when he was a human. After the transformation, he's a little timid and nervous about his new life. His friends are helping him overcome it, and he seems to be coming out of his shell. He shows a liking for video games, computers, and swimming, although it's not completely apparent how well he can manage to swim as a Bayleef.

Known MovesEdit


  • Mild


  • Body Slam
  • Vine Whip
  • Ancient power
  • Poison powder