Chris the Charizard

Chris the Charizard, being ever the pessimist.

Christopher Blackman was a character in the spinoff series known as "Diverging Paths". He was a young 18-year-old man who transformed into a Charizard, and  resided in the Long Island Pokéuman base as a member of the Pokéuman Rescue Troop for 4 1/2 years, until his death in Part 6 of  Diverging Paths.


Christopher, or Chris, as he was usually called, was a 5'08" Charizard and a member of the Pokéuman Rescue Troop. He had made 178 rescues within the 4 1/2 years that he has been in the base, and had earned the Elite Rank, at the time of his death. 


While he was still alive, Chris was usually calm and quiet, but slightly impatient at times. When he was alone, he was known to be rather pessimistic, but when around his friends, he tried his best to hide his pessimistic personality. However, he would sometimes have emotional outbursts due to the accumulation of stress. One notable example of this is the outburst described in Diverging Paths Part 6, which occured two days before his death.


  • Flamethrower
  • Blast Burn
  • Shadow Claw
  • Wing Attack

Roles in storiesEdit

Chris appeared in Pokéumans: Diverging Paths, a spinoff Pokéumans series revolving around Isaac the Lucario. Chris rescued Isaac from the Pokéxtinction organization early on in the story, and later sent the latter a white bandana, which he now wears around his neck all the time. He also made a very brief appearance in the prologue of the Room 181 series where he rescued Kieran and took him to the Long Island base, as well as in Chapter 4 of Rescue Number 301, where he assisted Amy the Jigglypuff in training to become a member of the PRT. In Chapter 14 of the main story revolving around Brandon the Lucario, an announcement was made for his funeral, which took place at the same time as that of Reggie the Grovyle. However, Chris's name could not be heard due to static.