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Claire the Braixen


15 (Birthday: November 4th)

Blood Type:

B Negative


Training, Being with friends.


Attackers on the defenseless, Pokextinction

Home Base:

Salt Lake, Utah


Chapter 5

''They were both down to the lowest energy without fainting. The Braixen looked like she’s had enough, and Andy could relate. They ended it in a draw, and walked back to the dorm together.

"By the way, my name is Claire! If you need me, I'll be right across from you and West's bunks!"''

Claire the Braixen is one of the main Protagonists of Aura_Knight394's Pokeumans. She lives with Andy the Lucario and Westley the Dewott at the Salt Lake base in room #538.

Personality Edit

Claire is a girl with a greater desire of fighting. She trains every day to be able to withstand any force. However, she is mainly very caring and up-to-speed with most situations that happen. This makes her the Medic of the Time Gear retrieval team, as her backpack is chock full of recovery items enough to heal an entire ship.

Role Edit

In Aura_Knight's story, she is one of the four main protagonists sent to recover the Time Gears. She travels with Andy, West, and Josh the Weavile across the world to get the gears before they are taken by Pokextinction.

History Edit

WARNING!!! Plot and/or Ending details below. Read at your own risk!!!
While her backstory is vague, it is revealed that Claire came from a less than ideal family. She ends up as a Braixen and at the Salt Lake base. She meets and battles Andy, with the two of them calling it a draw.

When Andy comes back from the rescue mission at the Pokextinction base, and is briefed on the Time Gears, she goes on an adventure with her friends to save everything.


Moveset Edit

  • Flamethrower
  • Psybeam
  • Facade
  • Fire Blast

Trivia Edit

  • Claire has participated in the Dragon Fire combination.
  • She has shown interest in having a family of her own someday.
  • She has acted as a torch for her and her friends on multiple occasions.
  • She and West have defeated the Elite Four, but out of bragging rights instead of getting into the PRT.
  • Aura_Knight has shown interest in making a side story showing more about Claire, West, and Josh's backstory.