Clyde the Blaziken

Clyde the Blaziken practicing his favorite move, Mach Punch.

Clyde Bowman is a Blaziken currently living in the Worcester County Pokéuman base. He is the protagonist of his own Pokéumans spinoff, Claws of Fire, and is also featured in A Shell Feeling. His residence in the Worcester County base is currently unknown.


Clyde is a 6'1" tall Blaziken. His ability is Blaze and he currently knows the moves Mach Punch, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, and Blast Burn.

Clyde has an unusual resistance to water. It is currently unknown how Clyde discovered his unusual resistance.


Clyde is a friendly Blaziken. He tends to stay calm in tough situations, only going into battle when necessary. He also likes to weigh his options. Whenever he comes to a decision, he likes to decide without hesitation. He's also quick to make friends. So far, he's made friends with John the Dewott.

Clyde is also wary of potential conflicts, and is ready for anything.

Role in StoriesEdit

Clyde first appeared in A Shell Feeling Chapter 7, where he appeared only briefly during his nightly curfew call. He later appeared in A Shell Feeling Chapter 9, where he would later battle John, only to end in a draw. John would later assist him in his nightly curfew call.

Clyde appears in his own Pokéumans story, titled Claws of Fire.


Known MovesEdit

  • Mach Punch
  • Blaze Kick
  • Flamethrower
  • Blast Burn

Combo MovesEdit

Flamethrower + Blaze Kick = Sea of Flames

Clyde also knows a faux fire punch, which is Mach Punch combined with his natural ability to scorch his punches through the flames on his wrists.