Jolteon fla

Name: Connor Goldsberry. Location: Long Island Pokéxtinction base. Age: 16


Connor Goldsberry is a main antagonist/protagonist in Sakato's Mission. He first appears in Sakato's past, in which he is captured. Then in the story series, Connor's Capture, you can see everything from his point of veiw in the Pokéxtinction base. In the first story of Connor's Capture, Connor is brainwashed. Sakato stays in contact afterwards, not knowing about Connor's brainwashing as he unknowingly feeds information to Mr. X. He is eventually rescued by Brandon and Sakato.




Pin Missle

Charge Beam


Hyper Shock: Connor attacks using a Hyper Beam charged with his Charge Beam. This is his strongest Combo move.

Shock Missle: Connor shocks his Pin Missle with discharge to do more damage.

Shock Dome: Connor's Trap move. Connor lays out a Pin Missle in a circle, then sends a discharge through them, creating an un-escapable dome.


Connor Goldsberry

Matthew Otterstater

Sakato Hanaturo

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