Crystal is a main protagonist in the Pokeumans. Crystal is at least a thirteen year old girl who was just starting high school before she turned into a Riolu. She is shy but is mostly a happy girl. She is a huge fan of Pokemon. Her brother was turning into a Lucario before her but her brother couldn't escape the clutches of the Pokextiction group. Her brother got captured, so Crystal swore REVENGE on the people who took her brother. She has a powerful type in which is why Asula has called her "The Fighter". Her eyes are not red like most Riolu. She is in Room #459 with Sameul the Oshawott and Sarah the Pichu.


Crystal is a 2'4" tall Riolu. She is great at hiding, has amazing fighting abilities, and her ability is Teasing Heart (hidden ability).

Crystal has the spirit of her brother, allowing her to use extra power from her brother when she needs it. The ability is called Energy Sharing. Crystal is supposedly the only one with this ability.


Crystal is a good girl who is good at most objectives in school, even though she would be put down by bullies, and would be made fun of for wearing glasses. She doesn't need them now because her vision enhanced when she turned into a Riolu. She would do her best to make her brother, mother, sister and father happy. She has a dark side but it's only shown when someone makes her mad. Crystal had a loving family but it is all gone now, all she has left for her to remind her of the family is a purple scarf that belonged to her father, and a locket of her mother, father, brother and younger sister. Both items were lost when she was taken to the Long Island base. Reggie later gave them back.

Known MovesEdit

  • Psychic (great move for battles)
  • Iron Tail
  • Aura Sphere (always works the best)
  • Force Palm

Role in Stories:Edit

Plays a role in Brandon's series along being seen in his holiday special:Pokeumans Christmas Special, during a snowball fight in the Gym. She appears as the apprentice of Isaac the Lucario, star of the spinoff story Diverging Paths, starting from the story's 4th chapter. Crystal and friends will appear in the story: The Fighter.