Damon Baird is the main character and protagonist of Pokeumans: Discovery (written by XGBlue). Damon is a shiny Quilava and Haxorus hybrid evidenced by his scales.  He resides in squad room Delta at the Discovery Base in Houston, Texas.

Damon Baird
Damon Baird
Art by Kroxie



First Appearance

Discovery, chapter 1






Discovery Base, squad room Delta


Damon lived alone in a small, one-bedroom apartment where he played and enjoyed video games such as Forza Motorsport 4. He has no known relatives at the base or elsewhere. Despite a lack of battling experience and appearing to be a stereotypical jock, Damon has proven to be a natural fighter with a knack for mechanics. He is known to be taking the prescription medication Ritalin for an unknown reason, which boosts natural immunity to anesthetics as a side effect.


Damon is a 3'8" Quilava/Haxorus hybrid.  It is suspected that his Haxorus genes lead to him being taller than a normal Quilava. Despite this, he is the shortest member of Delta Squad.


Despite being the humorous guy in the squad, he can get crabby at times. Damon is big on sports and cars, and prefers to avoid girly things if possible. As far as relationships go, he's closest to Cole the Wartortle, and the two often team up to produce devastating firepower.


Damon was rescued by an unnamed Alakazam from Discovery Base's PSAS (Pokeumans Special Air Service). He was rendered unconscious during transport, and woke up in the hospital wing at a later time. His change was a standard one-week change with no abnormalities.

Role in StoriesEdit

Damon is the main protagonist, occasionally sharing this duty with Austin Keith, one of the co-headmasters. He is a member of Delta Squad, and the story is mainly told from his perspective.


Friends and FamilyEdit

  • Cole - Squadmate, best friend
  • Rich - Squadmate
  • Tyler - Respected superior, friend
  • Austin - Respected superior, friend


Despite being a natural fighter, his moveset has yet to be revealed.