Description Edit

Elijah is the main protagonist of the spin-off story Divided I Stand, which is in the process of being written by Gamer-Dragon. Elijah is average height for a blaziken, and has no particularly distinguishing features that makes him appear any different from others of his kind. Elijah is however, exceptionally fast, and his reflexes are significantly more responsive than most other blazikens. He is also a quick learner, and has skill with technology.

Personality Edit

Elijah is an intelligent, calculating person. He is able to make smart split-second decisions that have gotten him out of a few jams. Elijah strongly prefers not to use guns against humans or other pokéumans, instead attempting to incapacitate his opponents with lightning fast punches and kicks.

Relationships Edit

  • Carol - Mysterious benefactor
  • Charlotte - Sister
  • Jay the Prinplup - Friend and ally
  • Max the Metang - Friend and ally
  • Rick the Scizor - Friend and ally
  • Shawn the Lucario - Friend and mentor