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Eric Pea
Eric Shellder


Eric Pea


Pokéumans - Shellder

First Appearence:

Chapter 1




July 11

Pokéuman Base:




Eric is a main character in the Pokéumans story Shellder. He is a fourteen year-old that transformed into a Shellder. He now lives in the Kansas base with his roommates Patrick and Jon.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Eric is a Shellder whose hard shell protects him from getting hurt a lot. He wears robotic arms that help him grab things and he often walks using his arms, especially when Eric is in a hurry.


As of now, his moveset is:

  • Aurora Beam
  • Ice Beam
  • Hydro Pump
  • Razor Shell


Eric lived a normal life, just like everyone else of his age. He went to school and studied. Eric often got bullied, despite standing up for himself. He had a happy life with his family but was really lazy.

Transformation and KidnappingEdit

[Information currently unavailable]

Arrival at BaseEdit

[Information currently unavailable]


[Information currently unavailable]

Personality Edit

He is very timid but also very strong and he won't hesitate to attack you if you do something terrible to him. Eric is very friendly with people he meets and, when his friends are in trouble, he fights for them.

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