Evan is a 14-year old boy who lives with his abusive dad after he and his mom are divorced. He is one of the main protagonists of Pokéumans: Evan's Side Story. He is a 14 year old that transformed into a Gallade and lives in the Long island base. He will fight the Pokéxtinction for those that are dear to him. He possesses a spiritual energy that's inside of him known as Ryūken.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Evan is a Gallade, except that his eyes are crimson red rather than red like most Gallade. He used to be 5'6" when he was human, now he's 5'03" like all Gallade should be.


He is a very excited kind of person, but sometimes feels sad and angry at some horrid things. Because Evan eats food in only a few bites, his stomach was nicknamed "The black hole stomach". He used to have claustrophobia when he was younger, but now he has conquered that fear. He is very comedic and gets others to laugh very easily. He's a very good singer and practices singing often while listening to music. He's very nosy and tries to figure out things that feel strange to him. In regards to strategy when battling, he says that brute strength is sometimes enough, but you also need to use your brain.

Move SetEdit

Due to the power of his Ryūken, Evan has six moves, rather than four like most Pokémon.

Leaf Blade - Evan's forearm glows bright green and he slashes his opponent(s) with it.

Double Team - Evan creates duplicates of himself and uses them for support in combat or to try and outwit his opponents.

Psycho Cut - Evan's forearms glow light blue and both of them grow and extend in back. Evan then swings his arms repeatedly and multiple light blue crescent blades or light blue rings of energy come out of them and hit his opponent(s), or Evan's forearms glow light blue and they extend in back. Evan then slices his opponent with his forearms.

Low Sweep - Evan runs towards his opponent with incredible speed and kicks their feet. Also cuts down the opponent's speed.

Night Slash - One or both of Evan's forearms glows purple, and he slashes his opponent(s) with it/them.

Focus Blast - Evan puts his hands together and forms a light blue ball of energy. He then fires it at his opponent. He can also creates a giant light blue ball of energy and toss it at his opponent(s).