Gen the Herdier

Gen the Herdier is the main character of "Just Another Story". She was specifically designed by the author to be a generic Mary Sue. Before transforming, she had parents and a little brother, though they have so far yet to play any sort of role.

Physical DescriptionEdit

It is assumed that Gen is the only Herdier in the whole base. Like all the students at her base (bar one), she has piercings - a nose ring, and a gold hoop earring in her left ear. She carries a camera around her neck, and possesses the mandatory laptop carry-bag which all the students at her base must use to carry books in.

Move SetEdit

Gen's move-set is currently unrevealed. However, she is stated to be capable of performing extreme acts of violence, and has also been shown to have decapitated a Ho-Oh with her bare paws.

Role in storyEdit

Gen is the main character of Just Another Story, a spoof about the various cliches found across Pokéumans.

Personality TriviaEdit

"Gen likes burritos and also Mario. She also like animals, but not cats. She dislikes small children, and she doesn't like fashion, but she LOVES food, and somehow stays thin. she's also totally kick–ass. (Sadly, the Author of "Just Another Story" is not, but still – she'd like to be and that's what matters)" - The Author

Gen adores pizza - specifically, Hawaiian pizza - to the point of obsession. She will attack anyone who declares themselves to be a fan of the Meatlover's pizza.