Norman is the headmaster of the Lower Mainland Pokeuman and (technically) the Lower Mainland Aqua Base.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Norman doesn't look drastically different than the average Snorlax, other than the fact that he is very big, even by Snorlax standards, being 8' 2".

Move SetEdit

Norman is known to be a powerful battler (even though he really doesn't like to battle). His moveset is currently unrevealed, though judging by his personality, it's probably safe to assume he knows Rest.

Role in storyEdit

So far, Norman has not made any major appearances in any story except in Chapter 2 of Sparkler were he was introduced as the headmaster of the Lower Mainland Pokeumans Base as a part of his obligations (even though he was late in doing so) as the base's headmaster.


Norman has a very lazy personality and is easily bored when dealing with things that don't directly involve him or the bases he runs. He can also be a bit slow to pick up on minor things unless put directly in front of him (so to speak). He also has a bad habit of passing off work he's supposed to be doing onto his personal assistant Vanessa the Swalot. However, despite his faults, he does care about the Pokèumans organization (or at least where his bases are concerned).