Isaac the Lucario
Isaac the Lucario
Isaac's possibilities for the end of his story, with the one on the left representing the "Good" ending and the one on the right representing the "Evil" ending.


Pokéumans: Diverging Paths

First Appearance

Diverging Paths Part 1




May 1

Current Residence

Long Island Pokéumans Base, Room #438

Isaac Hong is a protagonist of the Pokéumans story Diverging Paths. He is a 14-year-old boy who transformed into a Lucario and now resides in the Long Island Pokéuman base.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Isaac's Pokéuman form is a Lucario. In this form, he is about 5'4" tall. He looks the same as any ordinary Lucario, except for the fact that he is always seen wearing a slightly burned white bandana around his neck. The bandana was given to him by Chris the Charizard, a member of the Pokéuman Rescue Troop.


Isaac is usually quite happy, but behaves rather strangely sometimes. He does not seem to talk a lot during the day, but he becomes more talkative in the afternoon. He is also somewhat sassy, which may lead to trouble once in a while. As a human, he was a bit of a pacifist, but as a Lucario, that has changed; he now trains almost daily in order to be prepared for any challenges that comes his way. He is also an enthusiastic gamer, and can often be found in the game room after classes.


  • Aura Sphere
  • Metal Claw
  • Force Palm
  • Dark Pulse

Combo Attacks and Other TechniquesEdit

Isaac has experimented with a variety of combinations of moves, and has also thought of ways to use single moves in new ways. Currently, he has come up with:

The Shadow Flare: A combination of Dark Pulse and Force Palm. He forms a Dark Pulse ball in his left paw, and launches it with a Force Palm from his right paw, creating a long-range bolt that is affected by gravity and arcs downward. Damage is dealt through both the actual Dark energy and the residual Aura energy used to launch it. (First seen in Diverging Paths Part 5)

He has also experimented with:

The Force Jump: By aiming a pair of Force Palms at the ground below his feet, Isaac can gain a large amount of momentum, large enough to launch him into the air at a high rate of speed. (First seen in Diverging Paths Part 4)

Roles in storiesEdit

Isaac appears in his own story series, Diverging Paths, but he also makes a cameo in Brandon's Pokéumans Christmas Special, during a snowball fight in the Gym. However, he does not seem to have any major role in the story of Brandon. He also makes an appearance in Chapter 4, "I Won't Take This Anymore", of Rescue Number 301, the story of Amy the Jigglypuff, where he and Crystal the Riolu battle Amy in order to help her train to become a member of the Pokéuman Rescue Troop.