"Pokeumans Sparkler" and "Jack's Ordeal" are two interlocking stories revolving around Amanda McPhee and her little brother Jack, respectively.

Story PlotEdit


Both stories start the same, but from the different perspectives of either Amanda or Jack. They wake up to discover that they're turning into Pokémon before being captured by the Pokéxtinction and subsequently rescued by Jasper the Arcanine from Lower Mainland Base's PRT. However, the rescue is botched when Jack accidentally gets knocked off Jasper's back, separating them. Amanda is slammed into a tree, blacking out from the pain.

Jack's OrdealEdit

Jack wakes up only to discover he's turned into a Rattata. He is alone in a forest filled with wild animals, and the story focuses on his survival.


Amanda awakens inside one of the medical wards of the Lower Mainland Base, only to discover that getting slammed into a tree has severely damaged her back. She finds that she has become a Pikachu, and the story continues with her trying to find her brother and cope with her injury.

Reading OrderEdit

There are 3 ways in which you can read Jack's Ordeal and Sparkler.

Upload OrderEdit

Reading the story Ch's in the order in which "Jack's Ordeal" and "Sparkler" were written and uploaded to deviantArt. This is the intended reading order. Also, due to the fact that both stories are still being written, this is the most recommended for those who are interested in both stories.

Story OrderEdit

Reading the story chapters one at a time in their entireties. This reading order is primarily recommended for people who are interested in one of the two stories, but not the other.

Timeline OrderEdit

Reading the story chapters in the order in witch they take place in. This order is currently not supported or recommended as both stories are still being written. However, links to read the story chapters in this order will be added to the description of each chapter upon completion.

Story TimelinesEdit

In the event that two chapters of "Jack's Ordeal" and "Sparkler" take place at the same time, the one that ends sooner will be placed first in the timeline.

This list may also include a few story chapters that have yet to be completed and uploaded (marked in italics). As such, the order and information may change at the time of release.