Jack McFee by solartears-d5m5us6 (squre crop 4 wiki)

Art by SolarTears

Jack McPhee is a 6 and a half year old kid (and the main protagonist of the "Pokéumans Jack's Ordeal" story) who woke up one day to discover himself turning into a Rattata, along with his older sister Amanda, who, at about the same time, discovered she was turning into a Pikachu.

He and his sister were then captured by Pokéxtinction and then subsequently rescued by Ex-Lower Mainland Base PRT member Jasper the the Arcanine.

Unfortunately, the rescue attempt was botched when Jack was briefly stunned by an accidental electric discharge by his sister and then knocked off Jasper's back by a tree branch before blacking out.

He later woke up a small fully transformed Rattata and all alone in the woods filled with hungry wild animals...

Physical DescriptionEdit

Jack is smaller then most Rattata only being just under 0'07" in size. Also due to his current living conditions his fur has started to become a bit scruffy.


  • Tackle
  • Bite
  • Quick Attack
  • Focus Energy

Role in storyEdit

Jack first appeared in the 1st Ch. of Sparkler before he was separated from his sister. He has also been referenced several times afterwords

However, he is the main protagonist of Jack's Ordeal were he has (so far) been doing his best to survive being a small Rattata in a forest full of hungry wild animals

Personality TriviaEdit

Jack is very smart for his age, to the point that he got pushed up an extra grade in school before his transformation. However dispite this he is very modest, friendly, and trusting individual. Especially to his friends.

Since his transformation, he has become slightly more paranoid and cross, with his one goal being to survive and not get eaten by wild animals.