An old Lucario living at the Lower Mainland Pokeumans Base. Until meeting Amanda McPhee (who is currently living with him in his room), he lived alone in his own room.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Jacob, at first glance, appears to be about the average size for a Lucario. However, he is slightly taller than that, but appears shorter due to the fact that he walks with a bit of a hunched back as a result of old age. His fur is has a grey tint to it and that his eyes are a greyish red color witch is also a result of old age. He is usually seen walking around with the help of a cane with a dog shaped cane head.

Role in storyEdit

Jacob is a proponent character in Pokeumans Sparkler were he first appeared in Ch. 2.

Since then, he seems to have taken the role of Amanda's guardian, offering to help her find her lost little brother, Jack, and letting her stay in his room while watching over her.


Jacob is a friendly individual with a good heart. He tends to approach life in a calm and collected "let's take things one step at a time" kind of way.

Trivia Edit

  • Jacob's moveset is currently unrevealed, however, he has been shown to be very adept at sensing and reading auras.