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Jasper is an Arcanine who used to be a member of the Lower Mainland Base PRT before slamming a certain Pokeuman that he was supposed to be rescuing into a tree. This resulted in severe damage to her back and, as a result, he was dishonorably expelled from the PRT.

He blames the Pokeuman whose back he severely damaged for being expelled.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Jasper is slightly bigger then the average Arcanine, but not to a noticeable extent, other than that he doesn't look particularly different to the average Arcanine

Personality Edit

Jasper has a cocky "Hey look how awesome I am!" attitude. He believes he is always right and has been known to shirk responsibility for his mistakes by blaming others for them, even if he has no justification in doing so.

He also has a younger half brother. But he isn't very friendly towards him


  • Extremespeed
  • Flamethrower
  • Roar
  • Double Edge

Role in storyEdit

*WARNING: This part contains spoilers!*
So far he has made two appearances. The first was within Ch. 1 of Sparkler and Jack's Ordeal, where he was supposed to be rescuing Jack and Amanda McPhee. The second was in Ch. 5 of Sparkler when he and his friend Jason the Pidgeot attacked Amanda and the members of Alexander's Gang before being stopped by Jacob the Lucario.

He has also been referenced within some of the other Chapters of Jack's Ordeal and Sparkler.


  • Due to the way he bit through the chains binding Jack and Amanda McPhee, it was believed that he knew Bite. However this was never confirmed and during Jasper's second encounter with Amanda he was shown using all 4 of his moves, none of witch was Bite. This means that if he did know Bite, then it seems that he forgot the move in favor of a new one between his first and second encounter with Amanda.