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Stories Strike Teams


Age 20
Bithday January 5th
Residence Montauk Base
Occupation PRT (formerly, as

Honorary Elite)

PCS (Currently)

Intro Edit

Jensen Merit is the main protagonist of Pokeumans: Strike Team. Jensen is 20-year old Lucario as in 2012 who is member of Pokeumans Countermeasure Service as marksman and assault infantry. He was formerly Pokeuman Rescue Troop.

Biography Edit

Jensen was born in January 5th, 1992 in New York. His father is a former US Marine and his mother is a math professor in South Korea and Japan. His three heritage came from his father's American heritage and his mother's Korean and Japanese heritage. His father's family has a history in the military started from WWI. He personally wanted to join the army when he grow up because he wants to continue his family's military history. At the age of 8, he started to get trainings on martial arts taught by his father and go to shooting range once in a while. His father was very impressed by his martial arts and firearm skills and believed that he can be a soldier. He met Nikolai Vasiliev, a son of former Soviet soldier in the beginning of the middle school. Jensen became Nikolai's best friend when Nikolai was bullied because of his nationality. During kids 12th birthday, Jensen and Nikolai's transformation began and kidnapped by Pokextinction's sleeper agents (pizza guy and his family members). Both Jensen and Nikolai were rescued by PRT member, Elena Brownfield the Espeon. After their escape, Jensen and Nikolai became the students of Montauk base. Jensen was bullied by Will the Beedrill and Lucas the Houndoom, but instead of letting himself down, he stood up against them. This also made him train harder and spending his free time on training, causing him to evolve into Lucario. At some point, Jensen and Nikolai joined PRT until their retirement as Honorary Elite and joined PCS. He was also part of the Project Nightcrawler, a training program to make ninja-like and effective soldier in a natural ways and ancient way, especially with ninjutsu. Jensen is the only one to be able to pass all the courses. The project was canceled for unknown reason.

Movesets Edit

  • Aura Sphere
  • Psychic
  • Dark Pulse
  • Flash Cannon

Combo moves Edit

Guided Aura Sphere: Jensen uses Psychic on Aura Sphere to control the direction of his Aura Sphere like if it was guided missile. He can make it explode to create a smoke so he can attack his opponent from every direction. If he is using more than one Aura Sphere, he will form many Aura Spheres much as he can and fire them all at one with using Psychic on them. If he is using one Aura Sphere one at a time, the remaining Aura Spheres circles around him until he uses next one. This combo move is almost unavoidable.

Dark Cannon: It is an combination of Flash Cannon and Dark Pulse. Jensen uses Flash Cannon and Dark Pulse at the same time, creating a beam coated with Dark Pulse. It is strongest combo move.

Personality Edit

Before his transformation into Riolu, Jensen is characterized by his family and his friends as an individual with strong sense of responsibility, justice, confident, competitive, battle hardened, and loyal. He also have strong as he does whatever it takes to achieve his goals such as becoming more stronger, saving the lives of other Pokeumans, and bring Pokextinction to justice for destroying his life and using Pokeumans for their selfish purpose. He is very protective of his friends and comrades.   When he pursue his enemies, he refuses to let go until he or she is killed or captured by his own hands (or paws) no matter how injured he might be. If it means of defeating or killing his enemies that blocks his path, avoiding explosive charges, Jensen will get his job done. 

Jensen's negative side is that he is extremely prejudice toward Pokextinction, calling them "fascists" because they brainwash Pokeumans. He is merciless and even vengeful toward his enemies. Despite of his flaws, he still retains his moral. He does not talk about his personal feelings to anyone but Nikolai as he believes that if anyone knows about his past, the others will take advantage of it. When someone ask him about his personal feeling, he will simply lie that he is fine. Other negative side is that he is sometimes a bit sadistic toward his enemies, especially Pokextinction due to losing his friend, Elena the Espeon back in 2004 as well as being bullied. Additionally, Jensen have hard time forgiving people except his superiors and his friends. Jensen is not without weakness. He has shown a bit of PTSD as he gets a flashbacks of Elena's death when Elena's name was mentioned or something similar thing happened such as invasion by Pokextinction.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Jensen before transforming into Pokeuman, he has natural talents with martial arts, firearms, and melee weapons that are from his parent as well as math. His math, martial arts, and melee weapons skills came his mother's ancestors and his firearm skills came from his father. His sharpshooting skill proficient as he can take out moving targets, but compared to Nikolai, Nikolai is better than Jensen. While in PCS, he can throw shurikens effectively and deadly with precise accuracy, making him deadly foe to Pokextinction. In combat, he uses explosive shurikens instead of regular one.

In his Lucario form, he is proficient battler, being able to take down Pokeumans who has types that are vulnerable to him. He even bested some Psychic type Pokeumans. He lacks close ranged movesets that can place damage opponents without damaging himself if he is too close to opponent, but because of his martial arts skills, he uses this advantage.

Special Ability Edit

Warrior's Heart: This special ability increases user's defense, attack, and special attack stats when the HP is low. 

Interesting facts Edit

-Jensen favors using firearms rather than his movesets, but only when he is infiltrating Pokextinction base and when he is in human's cities or public areas. 

-Jensen goes by Michael Locke in human's society.

-Jensen's PCS ID number is 1294

- He can speak Korean fluently, but not with Japanese.

- Jensen's favorite video game is Starcraft 2

- Jensen's favored weapons are MP7A1, Vepr 12, 357 Valkyrie, Blaser R93, HK416, Beretta M9A1, Five Seven, shortened Katana, custom karambit, and LAR-68X, but he can be seen using various firearms

-He also used firearms during his time as PRT.

-He might be overpowered protagonist than other Pokeuman characters.

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