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The story created is intertwined from three (soon to be four) perspectives, each one building off the other.

This actually is quite funny, we all end up slap-stuck in one situation after another, I run into the Doctor, Joanna's a Dragon (Poke-Dragon to be precise), Maya has a spazam in the middle of the cafe's floor, and other really whacky things


Timeline (starting at Chicago base and going from there):

Day 1: Maya arrives

Days 2-6_ish: Undecided events occur

Day 7: Joseph arrives

Days 8-13: Undecided

Day 14: Joseph finishes transformation, other events.

Days 15-20: Lee arrives, time filler.

Day 21: Joanna arrives

Day 22: Joanna still asleep from yesterday, Joseph has weird time in obsitcle course/first encounter w/The Doctor

Day 23: Joanna finally wakes up, Time filler for the whole rest of the day (on a random note, as Joseph was flipping through the channels in the story, a dalek yelled "EXTERMINATE" on the screen for a few seconds)

Day 24: Clone version of Maya nearly kills Joanna, Joseph, and (the original) Maya, Joseph from the future drops first TM on Joanna's bed, Joanna becomes a *Pokedragon

For now this is going to end

  • Pokemon/Human/Dragon Hybrid, extremely rare...

Spinoff of a spinoff of a spinoff, which in and of itself is a spinoff of another thingEdit

Another story is in progress

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