John Dason
John the Dewott
John the Dewott, in his shrunken state, performing his signature introductory bow.


A Shell Feeling

First Appearance

A Shell Feeling Chapter 1


19 (as of Water Buddies)


February 22


Long Island base, #502

Former Residences

Worcester County base, unknown

John Dason is a Dewott residing in the Long Island Pokéuman base, but used to reside in the Worcester County Pokeuman Base. He is the main character of the Pokéumans spinoff "A Shell Feeling." He currently resides in Room #502 with Polaris the Umbreon and Rebecca the Piplup, and also used to live with Avo the Jolteon, until he transferred to another base.


John is a 4' tall Dewott. His ability is Torrent and he currrently knows the moves Waterfall, Razor Shell, Aqua Tail, and Water Pulse.

He has a special ability that allows him to manipulate his own size. He discovered his ability December 20, 2007, according to A Shell Feeling, and can use it for any situation. So far, he has shrunk himself to 1" and has made himself grow to about 48' tall, although he has used the growing part of his ability rarely. He can also use this ability to manipulate someone else's size. So far, he has done this to his long-time friend Clyde the Blaziken, as well as his Worcester County roommates Jay the Quilava and Max the Vulpix, along with Polaris, Avo, Rebecca, Cameron the Hippopotas, Isaac the Lucario, Bear the Riolu, and others.

Since the events of "The Illusionist," John carries a pair of gloves in his size that gives him different effects with his shrinking when used on others. He can be seen using them to shrink Brandon in Pokéumans Chapter 10.


John has a strong Type-B personality. He is a very strong, motivated person, and remains so as a Dewott. He is proud to be a Dewott, but is also proud to have an ability he enjoys. He tends to remain calm in tight situations, even if someone were to eat him without knowing. He also has Asperger's syndrome and ADHD, both of which further motivate him to keep fighting, no matter what the case may be.

John has some suspicion that his Math teacher reminds him of someone he knew before his transformation.

Role in Stories Edit

John appears in his own Pokéumans spinoff "A Shell Feeling." He also makes a major appearance in Pokeumans Chapter 10, where he shrinks Brandon, battles him, and plays a joke on Mike.

A Shell Feeling is written in a scattered timeline, where John mentions various times in his Pokéuman life where he encounters some interesting, and even some near-horrific, situations with his ability. For example, he was unable to use his ability for 24 hours after a Shuppett's jinx, while he was still an inch tall.


  • Waterfall
  • Razor Shell
  • Aqua Tail
  • Water Pulse