Jon the Gardevoir
Jonathan the Gardevoir


Jonathan Macpherson


Of Elegance and Grace

First Appearance:

Chapter 1




March 9

Pokeuman Base:

South China Sea


Student, Keeper of the Wisdom

Jonathan Macpherson is the main protagonist of the Pokeumans spin off "Of Elegance and Grace". He is a 17-year-old Gardevoir (one of two, the other being Cecilia) at the South China Sea base. He is also the Keeper, the Legendary Guardian of The Wisdom. Originally from the island of Singapore, he now lives with his friends in the base in room 207.

Physical DescriptionEdit

About 5'4", he is the average height of most Gardevoir. Contrary to popular belief, there are subtle differences in the appearances of male and female Gardevoir. In Jonathan's case, the so-called "gown" takes on the appearance of a white robe. Later in the series, he obtains a gold circlet to wear around his head to signify that he is the Keeper, the Legendary Guardian of The Wisdom.


Jonathan is extremely loyal to his friends, especially Aaron the Lucario, who stands with him against bullies. Although he likes to be alone when he's thinking, he likes to have his friends around him as they provide him with friendship and laughter. Although he is generally calm and collected, Jonathan can have explosive outbursts when either his friends are being picked on or when the said bullies try to use underhand tactics against them. Another time where he gets angry easily is when people mock his status as a male Gardevoir, often mistaking him to be feminine. He is understanding, however, when people genuinely mistake him for a girl, as is often the case.

Move setEdit

  • Psychic
  • Safe Guard
  • Psy-Kick
  • Thunderbolt

Other abilitiesEdit

Through his power as Keeper, Jon is able to make-learn [? What does this mean? Clarify please.] the secrets of manipulating the element of fire, giving him a huge advantage over his opponents.

Role in the StoryEdit

Jonathan is the main protagonist in the story "Of Elegance and Grace", but has not yet made an appearance in the main Pokeumans story. However, he does make an appearance in the Pokeuman spinoff "Dark Mind" as an exchange student from the South China Sea base.


SPOILER ALERT He is perhaps the only known person alive to have survived an attack by the Weeping Angels. He has found a way of defeating them through the use of trickery by leading them into a hall of mirrors. They were trying to get Jon to access The Wisdom for them, although why they were doing this is still unclear.

Jon has limited knowledge of Pokemon--and, thus, of Pokeumans--as a result of his parents being Pokextinction scientists, who tried very hard to brainwash him at an early age so as to avoid the side effects that had been common among brainwashed Pokeumans. They wanted their son to have an active mind while under the Pokextinction's control. This was stopped, however, as Epsilon interevened upon discovering their plot, and, in doing so, saved Jon, but got himself killed. As a result, Jon was indifferent to Pokemon until his transformation, when the effects of the brainwashing had faded away.