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Josh the Weavile


17 (Birthday: October 14th)

Blood Type:

AB Negative


Battling, Base Raids


Posers, Pokextinction

Home Base:

Salt Lake, Utah


Chapter 13

"Okay, guys." Andy turned to the rest of the group. "We should probably start heading towards lower ground so we can-"

"Ah, shut up." A Weavile spoke up with its arms crossed. "You're only a Trainee. You shouldn't even be on this mission!"

"Sorry, what is your name?"

"Josh. Star Infiltrator, best of the best. I've been on more missions than the days you were even in the base. If anyone but Xander knows the loops, it's me."

Josh the Weavile is one of the main protagonists in Aura_Knight394's Pokeumans. Initially introduced as a side character, he joins Andy the Lucario, Claire the Braixen, and Westley the Dewott on their adventure to collect Time Gears before Pokextinction can get them.

Personality Edit

Josh is a person who is always trying to be one step ahead of everyone to be the leader of anything, despite any opposition his comrades might give him. He's a no-nonsense person who's focus on every mission is to get it done without any distractions, which puts him on less than ideal terms with the rest of the Time Gear retrieval team.

Role Edit

In Aura_Knight's story, he is first introduced shutting down Andy for trying to be a leader at Chapter 13. Although initially introduced as a side character, he develops to have a bigger role in the story. With his skills and expertise, Josh is easily the fighter of the team.

History Edit

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Not much is known about the backstory of Josh, but he starts out as a member of the Pokextinction base raid team, and assists in the fight against Ridley by firing a missile (although it was a dud).

Later he is called to be in the Time Gear retrieval team along with Andy, Claire, and West.

(to be continued with more chapters)


Moveset Edit

  • Metal Claw
  • Dark Pulse
  • Quick Attack
  • Night Slash

Trivia Edit

  • Aura_Knight has expressed interest in writing a side story about Josh, Claire, and West.
  • Josh is the only person in the Time Gear retrieval team that can legally drive, hence him being the driver.
  • Josh has the rank of Star Infiltrator in the PRT.