Kayla the kangaskhan by snivy the rescuer-d4ljfai
Kayla is a 10-year-old Kangaskhan who wears a red and white scarf around her neck. She's the heroine of a new Pokeumans story whose title is yet to be determined


Kayla is a 7'03” Kangaskhan, and her human height was 4'11”. She has a small gold patch on her back and a red and white scarf. No special powers, though.


As a kid, Kayla was a daring tomboy who liked collecting Pokémon stuff. But one day, she started to lose her bravery, and became very quiet. A small time later she started noticing changes in her eyesight and hearing. Her brother did too. She and her brother left to find a nice home, and wound up being rescued and taken to a base with other Pokeumans like them. Kayla has a timid personality when it comes to talking to strangers. She often gets into an accident in halls and doorways due to her issue with her height. She will often hide by her brother Ollie if she gets something ruined or knocks someone down. If she gets upset she will cause mini earthquakes with her fists. She's still a bit courageous if she needs to be, but otherwise she likes to sit things out. Her asthma creates a challenge to her training, but she's learning to manage. Kayla is just starting to learn her Pokémon form and she is more clumsy than she was as a human.

Known MovesEdit

  • Rollout
  • Stomp
  • Focus Punch
  • Hammer Arm

Combo MovesEdit

  • Rollout + Focus Punch + Stomp = Earth Breaker (only necessary when in danger)