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Kevin is a 13 year old Totodile (Currently in the story as it takes place in 2013 a few years after the events of Fateful Bonds and Fate's Cruelty) and he's the main character in the 'Fates series' (all of the Fates stories created by AWildTotodile) and as a side character in 'The Lucario'. Kevin transforms painfully while he was captured by Monarch: a faction of PKE. He currently lives in the New York City Base (Also known as the Times Square Base) in room #500 with Brandon the Lucario and Jerry the Meowth. *SUBJECT TO CHANGE*



"Fateful Bonds"

Kevin Perez was born on Houston, Texas on August 31, 1999. Nothing too important happened during most of his early years; in fact much of it was a terrible blur of a childhood as described by his memories in the Fates series. He went on in his school years without a friend to be with but eventually only 2 friends became his close confidents, they were Raul Vides and Paul Lekovsky. Raul Vides was the mediator, Kevin was the hyperactive boy, and Paul was the quiet one. Their friendship lasted for what it seemed like forever since it lasted all the way up until the fateful day. Kevin was checking his computer at night and then found an email from a mysterious sender named 'Brie Ellegaard', she was warning Kevin by sending him two pictures: one that had a blue blur and a green blur and an article talking about what those could be and finally a picture of a purple capsule that would reveal to him its effect: knocking out Pokeumans. Brie told Kevin that Monarch would be after him. Kevin at first decided to ignore the email and brushed it up as a prank, but could NOT stop thinking about it all day the next day. While still asleep, he could hear a faint voice calling him, and telling him that he needs to be careful. Kevin soon woke up but decided to ignore the voice and continued on with his day. After a rather normal school day, it turned out that one of his friends: Raul Vides, had a birthday party in that exact day. Kevin being excited for it throughout the day immediately went to it after school. He was greeted by Raul's family, Raul himself and Paul. Then after some greets and a little bit of party time, Kevin decided to reveal what he had seen last night. After going into Raul's own room with Paul and Raul, Kevin told them both about the email that was sent. Raul was intrigued by it, but Paul immediately dismissed it by saying that it is probably a prank. After further discussion they concluded that it was just unimportant and irrelevant to their daily lives. Paul tried to delete the email completely, but due to Kevin's interference he wasn't able to delete it. The party carried on and then the gifts started to happen. It turned out that Kevin actually found two strange rings near a ditch before coming to the party and gave one to Raul and one to himself. Raul received a book that had a complete anatomy and history about Pokeumans. until Raul Vides' mother told the trio to go get more soda for the party, they soon headed out and started walking to the nearest corner store when Paul Lekovsky mentioned that there was in fact a shortcut to get there. Raul was reluctant to proceed in the alternate route, but after Paul convinced him and Kevin was on board with the shortcut, they went down the shortcut: an alleyway. After walking in there for several minutes there was a dead end and Raul turned around and saw Paul hold a gun. A confrontation happened and Kevin was knocked out and Paul was abducted. Kevin after several minutes woke up to find himself alone and proceeded to get help after finding a nearby corner store. Kevin begged the manager to call 911, but after he did, the manager found out that Kevin was 'different' after looking at the ring that was on his hand. Kevin then heard the faint voice say 'Run.' and started to run out of the corner store for dear life. After then being chased down and abducted, the grunt who was looking after him removed the ring from his hand, and started to reveal his Totodile form (which wasn't complete), and soon Kevin would undergo massive pain as he began to start his transformation once more. The grunt also mentioned a name: Issac Reinhart, and that he was the founder of Monarch and was capturing Pokeumans for an experiment of his. All hope seemed lost for Kevin until a strange figure knocked over the van which Kevin was abducted in and pulled him out from the wreckage. It turned out to be the woman who sent him the email: Brie Ellegaard. And after being rescued by her, he would learn that there were others like him due to the fact that in order for them to escape Brie needed to turn into her true Pokeumanic form: a Braixen. They would soon meet up with one of Brie's friends: Liam Black the Garchomp, in which the trio would go through the treacherous streets of Austin, Texas in order to make it to the base where Kevin would be rescued in. After getting into the base: Austin Pokeuman Base. Kevin was then attended by the Headmaster of the base: Lannan Roebuck the Machamp, and was introduced into the base quite cleanly. After receiving his classes and dorm room, he would meet two other people which would be his new friends in his new life: Scarlet Townsley the Weavile, and Lilith Historia the Kirlia. Soon later he would learn that the voice that was guiding him all this time was in fact Lilith, but even after that fact, much of what Lilith could do was still a mystery. Kevin then lived the life of a normal Pokeuman, he fought in tournaments (He placed 3rd.), go to school, and would meet several good friends to spend his time in his new life with: Leon Reeves the Lucario, Hope Briggs the Arcanine, Nick the Pikachu, Marilyn the Roselia, and Jean the Combusken, however, this would no longer be a normal life for him, as he would then have to participate in his first mission as a Rescue Corps member. (Rescue Corps is like the PRT but more free wheeling) His mission was to go with his friends and squad leaders (Brie, Liam, Commander Erwin the Greninja, and Czar the Charizard) to go take over a PKE base. However before that, he would learn how to battle and would learn a move that would serve to be his greatest weapon: Slash. (I'll go into details about the moves later.) After the mission was a success he would then find that his friend Marilyn was killed by his other friend Jean, Kevin would then proceed to fight Jean and then Jean would die because of a weird reason...he was 'spitting black blood' and his skin was turning black by the second. But during the fight Kevin was illuminating a Red Aura from his body, in which would later be revealed that he was using a move called 'Outrage', after defeating Jean and going back to the base. It turned out that his other friend and the woman who rescued him: Brie, was dying the same way Jean died, she was coughing up black blood and her skin was turning black. Brie mentioned to Kevin that the reason she was dying was because of a substance named: Real Blood, Real Blood would serve a huge importance later on in his life but for now he decided to just keep going on with his life after his mourning over the loss of his two friends. He vowed to make sure that no one would be affected by Real Blood, which took his friends' life. Kevin then participated in his second mission, but was interrupted by his traitorous old friend: Paul Lekovsky the Treecko. They fought and Kevin was defeated. The very penalty for losing the fight, would be his very life. His very humanity. Soon he would wake to find himself being shipped off to Monarch HQ, and would see Issac Reinhart for the very first time, he was a Poliwrath and told Kevin that he was trying to capture Pokeumans in order to fulfill an experiment of his that he wanted to perfect: Real Blood. Then Kevin knew that his life would forever change...After one particular day at school Brandon began to grow black fur on his hands until he transformed his arms into those of a Lucario. Despite fighting back he was caught by a PX agent and shut inside their base located not so far from his own house. There he would be damaged mentally slightly as it caused his fear of injections and hospitals in general which will haunt him for the rest of his life. Fortunatly due to a special rescue mission made by PRT Commander Evan the Arcanine and hired mercenary Kevin the Totodile they managed to rescue most of the captured prisoners.

"Fate's Cruelty"













Kevin is 13 years old (2013) with a height of 6'5 and sporting a stocky body, he has dark brown eyes and he also has black hair that he always likes to comb back. He used to wear glasses to see but now he doesn't wear them at all. He is brown-skinned and sports several moles on his face and body, while also having a light moustache. He wears a variety of clothes but mostly sports a baby blue jacket, with a green and gray baseball cap, a red shirt, dark navy sweats, pink gloves but wears no shoes EVER. [2]


Hi i m kevin the lucario chapter 2 title picture by brandonnexus-da7vl6n

Kevin here is expressing his kindhearted attitude with one of his friends: Brandon Guaman.

The teenager was usually very optimistic and energized back in his early 10 year old self, however throughout his life as a Pokeuman, he has changed quite a lot and has been changed as a boy to be one that is loyal but hateful to his enemies as well. He can be very insane but also very kindhearted.

He will be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on whether you ask his allies, or his victims.


  1. SLASH- Kevin's first and most powerful move, he is able to make several attacks possible with it, and make several combos and projectiles with it. (I will be discussing all of the moves on a seperate post.)
  2. SWORDS DANCE- Kevin's only amazing move, as Kevin dances in order to gain more power, for example "Kevin dabs!"
  3. OUTRAGE- This move activates Kevin's "Real Blood" into going faster in his bloodflow and turning his skin black and his eyes and Aura red. This move will make him lose control of himself, but will make him undeniably more powerful.
  4. SHADOW CLAW- This move is never used by Kevin at all, but this move being kept by his brain will prove essential in the later part of his life.


  • Almost all of the names of people in the story are refrences to other characters (Scarlet Townsley is derived from Michael Townsley from GTA V)
  • AWIldTotodile the author originally decided that he wished to be a Mudkip before but changed his mind and became a Totodile.
  • Kevin is AWildTotodile's real name.
  • Kevin was planning to begin writing in late 2010, but due to him backing out at the last second, he didn't until 2016 he decided to do it.
  • Kevin, both in real life and in the story, likes to dance.
  • Kevin's favorite singer, dancer, and meme is Rick Astley.
  • Kevin actually wanted to make himself be the villain of the story until he decided otherwise.
  • Originally Kevin was going to be captured in school, not in the streets.
  • Kevin's Slash was inspired by Tales of Symphonia 2: Emil.
  • Almost all of his artes are derived from ToS.


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