This is a listing of Pokeumans that have died throughout the Pokeumans universe. Please note that this list will NOT contain deaths from non-canon or joke stories. This list will only contain deaths of POKEUMANS, so pokextinctionists, humans, and other non-pokemon entities will not be listed here. Also due to the nature of this list, mass deaths will be listed seperately and by the event in question instead of by the individual, and minor, unnamed, character deaths will also not be listed unless they serve a very inportant role in the story.


This list is still a WIP and thus is incomplete so if you know of a pokeuman's death that is not listed here please list it in the following format:

-[Character Name] the [Species]
-[What series they're from (or in the event that they apear in multiple stories, the original series they're from and when they died]
-[How/Why they died]
-[Any extra data that might be relevant]

Or in the event that it's a mass death event:

-[Name and/or Title of the event]
-[Series this happened in] in [Chapter it happened in]
-[How the event happened]
-[Estimated death toll] including [the names of a few Pokeumans that died during the event (perferably condensed to important characters of note)]


It should also be mentioned that this list contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for many pokeuman series throughout the pokeumans universe so if you don't want to see them then stop looking through this list now.

Individual DeathsEdit

Reggie the GrovyleEdit

Died in: The Original story, Ch. 13
How they died: Was shot and killed trying to protect Brandon the Lucario
Extra Data: "Returned" in spirit form in the next chapter as Brandon's "Day guardian"

Brett Workman's Mom (I don't think her name was revealed) the RaichuEdit

Died in: Shocking Surprises Ch. 1
Cause of death: Shot in the back
Extra Data: Died trying while trying to rescue her son

Kaysi the Gengsian (Gengar-Persian Hybrid)Edit

Died in: Blinding Desires

Cause of death: Kaysi died by use of her own Perish Song, used to end the life of her ongoing rival and enemy, Alyssa Kyobi the psychotic Frillish. 

Kari the Charmander/Chikorita hyrbidEdit

Died in: Series: Lion's Ascension Ch.13
Cause of death: Memora, a psychotic six-year old Eevee/Electivire hybrid with odd psychic abilites, possessed her and made her spear her own heart through with her own claws.

Doc Monty the ArbokEdit

Died in: Ares and Artemis, died in the second chapter of Artemis
Cause of Death: Stabbed multiple times by someone who used to be a fellow team member.

Glen the DrifloonEdit

Died in: Drift Along, died in the 3rd chapter
Cause of Death: Popped by strong Pin Missile

Conner Yield the GrovyleEdit

Died in: The Victini Project Trilogy, died Book I Chapter 11
Cause of Death: Since he and Samuel corrected the timeline, they no longer existed. So they sacrificed themselves for a (much) better future.
Extra Data: He gave his Transformation ring to Alex shortly before disappearing. Since it also works as a flash drive, it has his journal on it.

Stephen "Zeta" OwensEdit

Died in: The "Nightmare" King of Hearts contest entry
Cause of Death: 12-gauge buckshot to the chest, sacrificed self to destroy Nightmare

Unknown name, Nicknamed 'Ace', the PidgeotEdit

Died in: Unlikely, Chapter 2

Cause of Death: Ace was shot to death after taking down mass amounts of Pokextinctionists - only to be defeated by being shot. Nevertheless, he saved Allie and Connor from being kidnapped.

Martyn the ScizorEdit

Died in: Well-Grounded Confidence, Chapter 16

Cause of Death: Shot by Moe, who was angry, confused and misled by Pokextinction at the time.

Ryan Olaris the UmbreonEdit

Died in: ?

Cause of Death: Plummeted off a clif after being knocked back by a larger Pokeuman's attack.

Chris Blackman the CharizardEdit

Died in: Diverging Paths, Chapter 6.

Cause of Death: Standard sniper round in the eye.

Extra data: Death is reported, but never seen.

Calaf the FlareonEdit

Died in: Of Elegence And Grace

Cause of Death: Stab wound through heart.

Bentley Prince (Subject II) the WartortleEdit

Died in: A Dark Espeon's Guidance

Cause of Death: Shot by a sniper as she tried to escape a Pokextinction lab.

Gordon Guaman the Lucario Edit

Died in: The Lucario (Death occured in the past, in 2005)

Cause of death: Car Crash (That's all the documents state.)

Unnamed Female Pichu Edit

Died in: The Lucario

Cause of death: Shot in the back with a ray gun while escaping along the protagonist from a PX laboratory.

Sasha the Absol Edit

Died in: Aura_Knight394's Pokeumans

Cause of Death: Shot in the forehead with a ray gun by Vincent.


Mass DeathsEdit

Terrorist attack on an underwater Base Edit

Occurs in: Aura_Knight394's Pokeumans in Chapter 26

When General Sam announces that no harm be given to an underwater Pokeuman base that Pokextinction boat was passing, Vincent took this opportunity to sneak on deck and throw a barrel of hazardous waste into the ocean.

Estimated Deaths: An entire Pokeuman base gets poisoned, and almost everyone but a certain Buizel are killed.

Deaths with little known info regarding them Edit

(this section contains entries that require an expansion of data)

Dragon IslandEdit

Storym's Parents

Well Grounded ConfidenceEdit


(and many many others)

Diverging PathsEdit


Original StoryEdit

Johnny the Arcanine