Joke Canon is a collection of stories not canon to the main continuity of Pokeumans stories, and also oneshots that were made for the for comedy more than to tell a concrete story. Joke Canon stories are primarily comprised of Parodies and one shot Troll Stories, and as a result the continuity of said canon is convoluted and confusing at best. Also due to the fact that said stories are not canon and made for comedy anyways, rules for said stories are relaxed and not as strictly enforced (Ex. limited use legendary Pokemon)

Parody SeriesEdit

Just Another StoryEdit

A Parody staring the infamous Gen the Herder, ruining under the following challenge. Try and incorporate every cliche known to storytelling (and to a lesser degree other forms of entertainment) and make it GOOD. For more info on the series, click here

That Other StoryEdit

Another upcoming Parody series coming soon(ish) along similar lines of JAS, though with a different purpose. For more info click here

Oneshot Trollfic StoriesEdit

Pokeumans TrollEdit

The original Troll story- what more can you say about it but "This is LOL funny" (fanmade comic adaptation coming soon).

Trolific Love StoryEdit

1 girl, 1 ex-boyfrend, I kidnapped boyfriend, and lots of exploding ninjas. This awesome oneshot can be seen as a prequel to TOS. In fact, it's so good it's terrTroll-ific

Pokeumans: Oof Edit

Instead of writing the next chapter, the creator of Aura_Knight394's Pokeumans plugged his entire story up to chapter 37 into an A.I. and let it write a Pokeumans Story. With the A.I. having the fame of Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash it did not disappoint.