A Pokeumans base located underground, somewhere below Barnaby BC in Canada.

It is run by Norman the Snorlax.

It is connected to Lower Mainland Aqua Pokeumans Base via a special underground tram line.

Stories connected to this base Edit


Mostly takes place there

Jack's OrdealEdit

While it's not directly connected to the Lower Mainland Base, it is directly connected to Sparkler. If not for a certain event, Jack (the main character of this story) would have ended up being taken there, along with his sister.

LM ChroniclesEdit

A currently unreleased story collection series that acts as a Prequel / Sequel / Side Story to Sparkler [and by association Jack's Ordeal] staring characters from the Lower Mainland Base.


A currently unreleased spinoff from another pokeumans member whose story will take place at this base (no further information is available at this time)


  • When the base was first built, it was called the Vancouver Pokeumans Base, then in 2003 the base was officially renamed the Lower Mainland base