The following 3 story's, Sparkler, LM Chronicles, and a 3rd currently unannounced story all take place at the Lower Mainland Pokeumans Base.

The following list's all currently released chapters of all 3 story's, (as well as Jack's Ordeal due to it being the counterpart story to Sparkler) are all listed here in the order in witch they take place

Story's that are not canon are not listed

The TimelineEdit

Note 1: In the event that 2 chapters of Jack's Ordeal and Sparkler take place at the same time the one that ends 1st will be placed 1st in the timeline.

Note 2: This list may also include a few story chapters that have yet to be completed and uploaded (marked in italics), as a result info on said chapters (such as there placement on the timeline) MAY change at the time of release.