Marie the Kecleon
Marie is a 16-year-old blue Kecleon and heroine of the Changing Colours.


Marie is a 3’3” blue Kecleon with a red sash that is worn on her waist going under her left arm.


Marie has a cheery personality. She likes to make friends and be around them, though she doesn’t really talk much, especially if she doesn’t know them very well. She’s afraid to ask for help sometimes because she doesn’t want to ‘burden’ others with her problems. When she’s not talked to, especially if she tries to talk to others but doesn’t always get a response, she might just be quiet and stare into space, but she does talk when she likes a certain topic that comes up. She also might not talk if she doesn’t want to offend anyone with something she might have said.

Known MovesEdit

  • Scratch
  • Bind
  • Faint Attack
  • Fury Swipes

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