Marvik Ravonn was a 16-year-old boy living in rural Kentucky. He loved pokemon, blaziken especially.

One day, he started to change into one. Going home from a close call in the local gym, Marvik discovered that his sister was actually a Pokextinction clone. They had made an error in her uploading, however, and accidentally gave her protective personality much more dominance than it normally would have. This caused interference with the clone's base programming and allowed the clone to resist the urge to capture its designated brother. The clone told Marvik about his real sister's death at the hands of the pokextinction organization before powering down completely in an effort to give him time to run. The shock of this news released all the pent up energy stored in Marviks body, causing a catastrophic blast-burn to occur and change him completely into a blaziken. Marvik's house and land, along with the clone of his sister and his mother, were annihilated in the explosion. This experience scarred him heavily and pushed him very close to madness. However, his psyche was able to recover (if not completely) and he now travels with a small group of pokeumans in a quest to make up for what he has done. There are 4 others - 2 Zoroarks, Saber and Syran; a Flygon, Tony; and a Dewott, Tobias - with him.