Mika the Torchic








Alex, Tony, Lance, Marisa, and some others


The Keiyo Series

Debuts in

Chapter 1: First Day

Mika is a slightly nervous Torchic that that wears clothes and is known for being in the family that has over 12 members in it, all whom transform into a Pokémon.


In both forms, she wears green trainers with grey pants and a cyan shirt.

In her former human form, she had tan skin with orange hair that goes down to her back. But now she's an orange Torchic.

How it beginsEdit

Alex was the first to see Mika with the Pokeuman symptom from a Torchic tail. Thinking it's paranormal activity, which is true in a way, she becomes full of fear throughout the whole day. Later, it came down to her to outrun the guards that invaded their house and fails when she couldn't run fast enough. However, Tony was able to get both out of trouble with a clever escape route and gets both her and Alex out of trouble safe and sound. Then they stumble upon their friend Lance, who experienced the same symptom the three are experiencing, so they learn the story about Pokextinction and decide to join Pokeumans.

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