Mike, as depicted in the pokéumans poster.

Mike the Ditto is a protagonist of Pokeumans. He is one of  Brandon's roommates and best friends in the original series. He serves as the comic relief.

One of the base's biggest pranksters, Mike has often managed to get himself into trouble, be it with the teachers or with his roommates, much to their annoyance (in an OC interview he once said that Starr scares him when she's angry with him). Still, he'll never change.

Mike often transforms into other species of Pokemon throughout the day (including a Munchlax during mealtimes), but he never gets it quite right. He is apparently capable of mimicking Legendaries, but after a disastrous attempt with Groudon he's never tried again.

Mike has also proven to be a rather "passionate" gamer. This has been made even more evident in chapter 10, in which he proceeded to "rage" in an online match of Halo.

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