Mr. X the Mewtwo

Mr. X is the antagonistic mastermind of the Pokéumans series and the leader/founder of the Pokéxtinction organization. Originally a genetic scientist, he transfomed into a Mewtwo when he was caught by a blast of energy from a malfunctioning machine he designed utilising the DNA of Mew. He is a devious intellectual shrouded in mystery, preferring to let his Extinctionist minions do his work rather than directly getting involved. 

He is the main antagonist of the Original Story

Background Edit

It was revealed that before, he was a human named Xerxes, and had found one of Mew's hairs by accident. When he attempted to clone the creature from the hair, Mew sabotaged the project and caused the nuclear meltdown, leading to the creation of the Pokeumans. Xerxes was exposed to the mutant Mew DNA and was subsequently transformed into a Mewtwo, where he snapped and became evil.

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It was also revealed that Asula is his sister, while she escaped being vaporized both were inflicted with the Beserk Gene which causes Mr. X's evil intentions and Asula's raging anger.
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