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Paul, 20 years old, is a French Lucario and the main protagonist of the Story "Pokéumans France". Paul started to turn into a Lucario 1 year after Mr.X's defeat (the main story). He currently resides in Room #282 in the Normandy Pokéuman Base with his savior Sophie the Gardevoir and his brother Pierre the Riolu.

Description Edit

Paul the Lucario


Pokéumans France

First Appearance

Pokéumans France, Chapter 1



Date of birth

20th June


Normandy base, room #282

Paul is a friendly but naive Lucario. He is trusting too easily, which caused him to fall into a coma for three weeks following an attempted murder in chapters 8 & 9. Paul is also extremely unlucky, which is shown in a few chapters.

Salamou 'Alaykoum. Barack ALLAH oufikoum pour ce magnifique clip excellent pour l'enseignement de nos chers ti bouts de choux LAH Ihfadhoum. que DIEU Soubhanahou wa Ta'Ala nous accueil dans son Paradis au plus haut degré et qu'on ait l'Immense privilège et Le Graaand Honneur de voir Son Magnifique et O combien Majestueux Visage de Nour, nous tous ainsi que nos parents familles et les muslimines et muminines Amiiine ya RABB al alamines. ALLAHOMMA Salli wa Salim wa Barick 'Ala Habibana wa Nabina Saidina Muhammad Moins

normal Lucario before he met an other Lucario named Lucie in chapter 10 and fell in love for her. Sadly, it's not reciprocal. Paul is trying to do something to impress her and change her thoughts about him.

The chapter 12 reveals that Paul has something special, something which makes him very powerful but makes him lose the control of himself, attacking everyone. We learn in chapter 13 that Paul is an Aura Guardian and has some extra powers, like a shield of Aura (like Riley in the anime or Sir Aaron).

His ability is revealed in chapter 14 : Justified.

Paul beat the Elite four in chapter 15. He will probably become a "TSP d'élite honoraire" (PRT honorary elite) in the next chapter but it'll not be official until it was released.

Personality Edit

Paul was very shy in his human life. He has gradually become more open to others after his transformation. He is very glad to be a Lucario, his favourite Pokémon. Even so, he is not very strong and is very weak but he wants to be more stronger and prove his valor to the Pokeumans and prove that he deserves to be a Lucario. And he finaly starts to become a bit stronger during the chapter 14.

Paul become very shy when Lucie, an other Lucario, is not far from him.

Known moves (French names) Edit

  • Aurasphere (Aurasphère)
  • Bone Rush (Charge-Os)
  • Rock Slide (Éboulement)
  • Dark Pulse (Vibrobscur)

Former moves (French names) Edit

  • Force Palm (Forte-Paume) -> forgotten in Chapter 14, replaced by Rock Slide
Moi moitié Lucario transparent

Paul is his human and Pokémon versions.

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