Pokéumans: The Runaway Boy is a Prologue to Pokéumans: Evan's Side Story. It was written by Morgan Hoskins. On April 24, 2011, The edited version of it was submitted.

Plot SummaryEdit



Main Characters

Evan Landers - Main character of this story.

Minor Characters

Diane Landers - Evan's mother.

Sarah Landers - Evan's Sister who she fell in a coma after being hit by a car.

Mark Landers - Evan's abusive dad. He was originally a good father, but now

Brandon Chan - Brandon is Evan's best friend since they were kids before he moved away to New York.

Dana Willis -

Chad Martin -

Ace the Staraptor - Member of the Pokéuman Rescue Troop who was sent to rescue Evan.

Kelvin Riser -

Sablediers - An army of Sableye. They were sent by Pokéxtinction to capture Kelvin and bring him to their base.