The PokeBrawlers Tournament is a Pokeumans contest event that started on February, 7th, 2012, going on for several rounds before coming to a conclusion on March 29, 2012. 

The Rules and PremiseEdit

Mr. Bryson Thunderclap (a Machamp who owns a small, private island in the South Pacific) has sent out invitations to various pokeumans for a chance to compete in his Pokéuman Brawlers Tournament, an international tournament that features many Pokéumans from different bases.

Entrants must aply to enter this tornament by sending a group note containing their character's Name, Species, the base they're from, their Age, Type, moveset, and ability, as well as writing out a quick battle scene showcasing their writing skills.

People who are chosen then had to produce one battle scene within a specific amount of time against the opponent you are fighting against for each round. The Pokéuman with the best battle scene (as chosen by the judges) will move to the next round. The losers and people who failed to produce a battle scene in time were disqualified and had there characters ejected from the island VIA a giant catapult.

The Tornament and entrantsEdit

Round 1Edit

On Febuary 19th after the preliminarys eight "lucky" Pokéumans were accepted into the tournament.

0bsidianlink's Zack the Snivy

llirbwerdnadivad's David the Growlithe

sonyathehedgragon's Diana the Lopunny

waterdfg's Eli the Joltik

MilitaryAviator's Brennan the Absol

Lornext's Nathan the Pidgeot

Outcast15's Zane the Hydreigon

amaroq247's Lucas the Croconaw

Before being matched up as folows:

~0bsidianlink vs. ~waterdfg

!MilitaryAviator vs. ~Outcast15

~amaroq247 vs. ~sonyathehedgragon

~Lornext vs. ~llirbwerdnadivad

And given till Febuary 26th to submit there 1st round entries.

Round 2Edit

On March 3rd the results from the 1st round came in revealing that:

Zack the Snivy, Brennan the Absol, Lucas the Croconaw, and
David the Growlithe had made it onto the next round

And that Eli the Joltik, Zane the Hydregion, Diana the Lopunny and Nathan the Pidgeot had lost before being manhandled by Bryson into the catapult and ejected off the island.

the Round 2 matchups were then announced to be:

amaroq247 vs !MilitaryAviator

~llirbwerdnadivad vs ~0bsidianlink

But not before the deadline for round 2 was revealed to be March 10th.

Finel RoundEdit

On March 17th the people who made it to the final round were revaled to be:

David the Growlithe and Lucas the Croconaw

Bryson then manhandeled and catapulted the losers Zack the Snivy and Brennan the Absol off the island like he did the Round 1 losers while attempting to cover his butt over his ethnics.

The 2 finalists were then given until March 23rd to submit their final round entries.


On March 29th the winner of the tornament was announced to be David the Growlithe

Right before Lucas the Croconaw was stuffed into the catapult and catapulted off the island by Bryson Thunderclap, who then ran off, evading arrest after having been sued by someone who was catapulted off the island by him.

The Judges and PrizesEdit

The judges were:


and the winner (llirbwerdnadivad's David the Growlithe) was given 100 points, a Llama badge, a Cake badge, and a a cameo in Chapter 11 of the original story.