Sakato Hanaturo

Mission is a set of stories about Sakato Hanaturo in Pokeumans. Sakato Hanaturo is a Vaporeon who wants to save his best friend Connor Goldsberry. Throughout the stories, a mystery about Sakato's past is unveiled. Secrets even he didn't know are uncovered


Main Characters:

Sakato Hanaturo: Vaporeon

Connor Goldsberry: Jolteon

Alisa Ventura: Persain

Austin Ruso: Mightyena

Minor Characters:

Colton Cross: Buizel

Alex Goldsberry: Bulbasaur

Artem Kucherinko: Arcanine

Tim and Tim: Ninjask and Shedinja

Shadow: black Pikachu

Bailey Frior: Umbreon

Leo Garcia: Luxio

Triston Brown: Charmeleon

Andrew Catron: disabled Riolu


Shade: Shedinja; hired assasin

Marian: Glaceon; Sakato's Mom

Gregor: Espeon; Sakato's Dad

Sakato's Mission Part IEdit

This is the first part of Sakato's Mission. In part one, you get to see Sakato's view of Brandon's trial. You get to see his meeting with Mindy too. The first introduction to his techno geek side and his hidden hideout are also in this part. It shows that Sakato has been in contact with humans and most inportantly, it shows that Sakato's refusal to believe his friend has been mind wiped and his negligence to do anything in case Connor did, has endangered the entire base. Now Connor and all of the Pokextinction have access to all the information Sakato has of his database.