Randy Speer is the main protagonist of The Unwanteds, meaning that each chapter is told from his point of view. He lives in dorm number 219 with his roommates Mike the Shuppet, who is also his cousin, Will the Spinarak, and Jacques the Cacnea, who is from France.

Description Edit

Randy is a normal-sized Stunky, which is fairly small, but so are his roommates, so it doesn't bother him. Just looking at him, there is no way to distinguish him from any other Stunky, but he speaks with a slight Southern accent.

Personality Edit

He lived on an old-fashioned farm all his life, so he's what most people would call a redneck or hick. People often are confused about certain things that he says, such as the fact that he used to only have meat once or twice a week, as they had to kill one of their animals to get any meat. This caused him to become very fond of vegetables. He has a very long temper, so it's pretty hard to get him seriously angry, but once he does get mad at you… You might want to move to another base.

Moves Edit

  • Smog
  • Toxic
  • Night Slash
  • Crunch


Lonely; bit of a social recluse.