Reggie is one of the main protagonists of the Pokéumans series. He is 19 year old Grovyle and a member of the Pokéuman Rescue Troop before being shot and killed in Chapter 13.
Reggie the Grovyle


Reggie is a 5 foot tall Grovyle. He is fast and agile, like any other Grovyle, has some of the strongest reflexes around, and could run up to 45 mph. He has learned the move Energy Ball and was able to teach other moves he cannot learn to other Pokémon. Reggie has a cool, calm attitude and shares a big-brother kind of relationship with his friends. He always seems to know just what to do.


Reggie was 14 when he began to transform. The Pokéxtinction organization managed to capture him and take him away. Fortunately his arm leaves grew at that moment and he was able to escape. He wandered in the woods for hours until a member of the PRT, a Tangrowth named Val Keegan, managed to rescue him and take him to the Long Island base. Since then, he was inspired to be like the Pokémon who had rescued him.

Reggie had been a member of the Pokéuman Rescue Troop for the 5 years he had been at the base and had sucessfully rescued over 300 Pokéumans, including some out-of-state. His training has gotten him to the Honorary Elite Rank, which is one of the hardest ranks to achieve.

Move SetEdit

  • Energy Ball
  • Leaf Blade
  • Bullet Seed
  • Agility

Role in storyEdit

Reggie plays an important role in the Original Story.

He was first seen when he rescued Brandon from a Pokextinction truck. Later, he develops a close relationship with Brandon, often teaching him in some way of battle, helping him around the base, and even dropping clues to the solution of whatever problem Brandom may be facing.

Both were sent on a mission to find some Dimensional Gems before Pokectinction could get them.

Reggie was shot and killed in Chapter 13 just outside the base, but returned in spirit form in the next chapter as Brandon's "day guardian", and guides him throughout the story.

Trivia Edit

  • Reggie is very good about his job as a PRT member, which eventually carries on to even the afterlife.
  • It is presumed he was banished to the void while attempting to keep Brandon under control while he was a Mega Lucario.